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Ely Anglican Cursillo operates under the auspices of the British Anglican Cursillo Council (BACC) and with the authority and encouragement of the Bishop of Ely.


Cursillo was gifted to the Diocese of Ely in 1999 by the Diocese of St. Edmundsbury & Ipswich, and the current plan is to run two weekends each year. Ely Cursillo weekends are open to Christians who accept the doctrine and liturgy of the Anglican Church, are communicants in their own church, and are over 18.

Cursillo weekends are offered by other denominations.


The Current location of the Ely weekends is The Diocesan Retreat Centre, Bishop Woodford House, Barton Rd, Ely. Each weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends on the Sunday afternoon/evening.


Fourth Day Weekend 22nd - 24th March 2019

shortened residential weekend for existing Cursillistas

at Bishop Woodford House, Barton Rd, Ely


Ely #35 - 24th - 27th October 2019


COST: Please would you pay a contribution of £150 per person towards the cost of the weekend, which is subsidised by Ely Cursillo funds. If you are not in a position to contribute this amount, please indicate on the form the amount which is reasonable for you.


This price includes a significant subsidy by Ely Cursillo on your behalf. Full or part bursaries are available, so please do not be put off by cost. Ask your sponsor for details.



Your sponsor completes page 1 of the application form, along with your priest. You, as the Pilgrim, complete page 2. Please include with your applications a cheque made payable to 'Ely Cursillo' then send the form and cheque to the address printed at the bottom of page 2


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